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– Giving your content a higher purpose –

Tamara Biljman, content strategist

I am an inbound, omnichannel obsessed content strategist, with a broad set of skills:

Content creation ▴ Channel Branding ▴ Content writing, editing, search engine optimizing ▴ Social Media Marketing ▴ Email Marketing ▴ Content distribution, syndication, collaboration.

I’m a firm believer that every piece of content should have a higher purpose and lead to creating, nurturing and growing business’ authority, that will support constant business growth.

On the other hand,

▴ I’m also a writer, lecturer, researcher, explorer, traveler.

▴ I constantly change, adjust, learn, explore new opportunities.

▴I never stop creating, dreaming, investing in myself.

▴ I always look for more inspiration in different fields – and this mash-up allows me to create perfect harmony in my life.

This is exactly why the omnichannel way of thinking comes naturally!

 successfully completed the SEO for beginners course!
 successfully completed the All-around SEO course!

Wannabe Magazine

Content writer / Blogger 


Wrote monthly and weekly columns, which resulted in about 100 published texts in the period of two years.  

Weekly columns 

Filmonedeljak (Movie Monday – top 5 lists of movies per actor or director 

Filmske vesti (Movie News consisting of that weeks most relevant updates from cinematic world)

Monthly columns

Happy birthday (This set of texts had an astrological base, but in fact covered various famous people born in the specific zodiac sign, and interesting anecdotes)

Beside this, I wrote various types of blogs and conducted interviews with perspective young actors and musicians.

Tamara Biljman worked for Wannabe Magazine as a content writer. Image shows topics like movies, interviews, writing, and top qualities she presented like efficient, curious and inventive.

Communis Agency

Community Manager


Creating content and administration of Facebook and Instagram accounts of prominent domestic and international brands ■ Writing proposals and monitoring digital activities ■ Writing monthly reports ■ Market research Research of campaigns and new trends in digital communications Communicating with influencers and photographers


Bambi (Plazma, Josh!, Juhu, WellBE, Wellness), Dietpharm, Rosal Lipbalm, Roda, Heineken

ARTUM Journal

Co-founder / Editor for Modern Art History Section / Digital Marketing Manager


I am one of the founders of a scientific journal ARTUM dedicated to publishing articles written by art history students at Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, but also international ones. I am in charge for the section of Modern Art History, as well as for the designing posts and leading communications on Social Media:

Artum – Facebook

Artum – Instagram

Younited Agency

Social Media Marketing Manager


Account management ■ Planning, creating and writing content for Social Media platforms, newsletters, online shop ■ Writing Social Media Strategies Writing Social Media Plans ■ Controlling Social Media budgets and allocating them ■ Communication with clients ■ Briefing team ■ Analyzing and reporting on Social Media metrics ■ Implementing Social Media strategy ■ On-boarding of clients and setting up their Social Media accounts ■ Ecommerce (writing campaign strategies, performance marketing, implementing omnichannel content strategy) ■ Lead Generation campaigns (creating, writing, implementing)

Clients: Fashion Company, Fashion&Friends (a leading fashion e-comm/retail multi-brand in Serbia and region)

Tamara Biljman had an opportunity to develop vast set of skills while working for the Younited Agency - as an account manager, social media marketing manager, advertiser

Il Re delle Sagre

Digital Marketing Manager / Content creator


I am currently working as a content creator and digital marketing manager for Il RE delle Sagre, a vlog dedicated to video reviews of food festivals in Italy. This project is of great relevance for preserving heritage in the South of Italy, as it promotes villages and their tradition, and attracts visitors from the region and potential tourists. “Sagre” (food festivals) are an amazing way to help small communities develop, as well as to preserve and promote their own special ways. In 2020 “Il Re delle Sagre” expanded to reviewing international food in Vienna, Zagreb, Belgrade, and other European cities.

Il Re delle Sagre – Facebook

Il Re delle Sagre – Instagram


Content Strategist / Content Creator


I worked as a content strategist for a Canadian Conversion Rate Optimization agency, voted a number one CRO agency in Canada, number three in North America, and number in the whole world. Some of my responsibilities include writing content marketing strategy, action plan, organizing content, branding channels, writing monthly content plans.

Conversion Advocates website

Portfolio of Brands

List of brands I’ve promoted, raised brand awareness, collaborated directly, worked directly for

Tamara Biljman's portfolio of brans she collaborated with on various basis - through clients, agencies, directly

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