Research & audit

Researching trends and competitors, and then examining your existing content and pinpointing optimization opportunities.

Content Optimization

Making sure your content is fresh, updated and optimized for your audience and Search Engines will get you further than you may think.

a realistic white cellphone with a sky as a background and a floating sculpture with glasses and chewing gum. Above is written "Giving your content a higher purpose. Because your content deserves to be Queen Elisabeth, not Queen Pauline. by Tamara Biljman, content strategy diary

Framework & Plan

A strategic framework will keep you on the right track. A plan will take you to your dream goals in the quickest way possible.

Content Promotion

The golden 20/80 formula is golden for a reason. Invest 4 times more in the promotion, and you'll see your online business bloom.

Vanja Hinić - Fashion&Friends

It was such a pleasure working with Tamara. I would best describe her as an innovative, creative, strategy-oriented and a person who is always up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing. I have never met someone who is so dedicated to work, loves what she does and is a true digital marketing geek. Tamara wrote us a content strategy for social media with well-developed, calculated, brand adapted, impressive and original ideas. As a lover of statistics and her favorite metric – engagement rate, she has really helped us take social media to the next level, by encouraging communication with customers in a variety of inspiring and creative ways. In addition, we could always rely on her even if there had appeared an unpredicted bug with not so reliable social media platforms and we could be sure that she would be able to solve it.

Alfonso Pacella - Il Re delle sagre

Tamara is a perfect mash-up of a creative and strategist. As my consultant and digital marketing manager, not only did she help come up with the perfect visual identity for my brand, but she also got me to 80k fans on my Facebook page! She is very mindful of current trends in both digital marketing and creator industry, so she was always quick to share relevant information with me, make suggestions on how to improve content, and raise awareness. She is very supportive, a true team player dedicated to success of her clients. Tamara proved to be very passionate about this type of work. During our consultations she really hyped me and got me excited about numerous ideas and projects. She is definitely someone you want to have on your team, or as a consultant.

raphaelle Sirhan Daneau - ConversionAdvocates

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tamara for more than a year, during which she led the internal content strategy for our agency. Tamara is great at research, content planning and developing multi-channel strategies. She’s also very apt at coordinating them with the internal resources available in the company and keeping everyone on the team accountable to put the plan in action. If you are looking for content strategy and action plan for your company, I would recommend having Tamara involved in the process as she has great knowledge and ideas on the subject.

Ivan Ninković - Maxim Fitness Studio

I was thrilled to work with Tamara! She was very expeditious and I absolutely loved the visual identity she created for our social media channel. Her vision perfectly matched mine, and the templates she made were very easy to use and modify for our daily posts. Tamara also provided us with guidelines on how to best utilize Instagram’s features to promote our business, and she was kind enough to reveal some of her favorite content strategy tips.

Vojislav Novaković - Fashion Company

Working with Tamara Biljman, who at the time worked as a digital account manager for Fashion Company at M+ Agency, I found her organization skills to be at an extremely high level. And this quality was necessary for working within retail – a very dynamic industry that changes from hour to hour.

Proactivity, originality, creativity, staying up to date with trends are just some of the qualities that adorn a good account manager, one that monitors events and developments in the industry its client belongs to, and this is certainly the case with Tamara Biljman. In stressful situations, Tamara approached solving a problem with a cool head, rationally, always prepared to find the right solution.



All you have to do is choose a content strategy plan you like and I'll make sure your content starts shining bright like a diamond. Because you deserve it!


When it comes to existing content It's all about finding hidden optimization opportunities, finding loopholes in your competitors content, and adding that special something to your articles. And I absolutely love playing Sherlock Holmes when it comes to content.