Content Strategy Diary

Writing Optimized Articles – 6 Things You Need To Outline SEO Friendly Content

Writing optimized articles is an absolute must if you want to reach your audience via Google. But writing optimized content can be tricky.

The Power Of A TikTok Video | The Chanel Advent Calendar Fiasco

This is a story about how Chanel, that was until two days ago a synonym for chic and absolute class, became a synonym for cheap stickers. Yes, let’s talk about the Chanel Advent calendar TikTok video that started it.

Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing – the Ultimate Guide to Differences

Do you know what is the real difference between content marketing and content strategy? What about the difference between a strategy, plan and tactics? If you’re not 100%, make sure you read this article.

5 Content Optimization Hacks to Revive Old Articles and Boost Traffic

Creating new optimized content is very important! But before you go full-in on new content creation, make sure you didn’t leave some amazing content on the blog post graveyard. A little optimization works WONDERS!

Content Audit Template

Not sure how to go about content audit? You think it’s the marketing equivalent of a colonoscopy?

I completely get it. 

So I decided to share with you the template I personally created and that I use for my clients. 

Free four in one content audit template written in a yellow box, set on the pink background with a 3D see-saw on top of which are set four books and a lightbulb