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homemade pileci burger

Homemade pileći burger sa prelivom od pečurki i sira

Pitaš se kako da napraviš homemade pileći burger Veruj mi uz ovaj recept ćeš zaboraviti na sve kupovne burgere!

Kajzerice punjene iscepkanom piletinom

Sveže pečene domaće kajzerice će oduševiti svakog gosta! Ali zašto stati tu Ako ih oblikujete u bundeve i napunite piletom, zauvek će ih se sećati!

Amalfi Coast Fish cone - Campania Street Food

Wondering where to eat on the Costiera Amalfitana without spending a fortune? My top suggestion is the famous Amalfi coast fish cone.

Jollof - West African Rice

Jollof – pirinač na afrički način. Pikantna eksplozija ukusa koju nećete zaboraviti. Ne mogu da lažem – priprema nije sasvim naivna, pre svega jer zahteva mnogo šerpi. Ali ovo jelo vredi svaku šerpu!

Jollof – West African Rice. A spicy explosion of tastes you’ll never forget. I can’t lie though – it’s not super easy to make, mostly because you’ll have to use tons of dishes. But it is oh so much worth it!

Pita s mesom i pečurkama | Meat Pie With Mushrooms

Pita s mesom i pečurkama – idealno ide uz pivo i vino! Savršen izbor za brzu i ukusnu večeru ili ručak. 

Serbian meat pie with mushrooms – a perfect “snack” for lovely evening with friends. 

10+ Reasons Why You Should Taste Amalfi Coast Lemon Cake At Least Once In Your Lifetime

After your throat goes dry because of countless “Ahs” and “Ohs” at sight of every single cute house and 500 Fiat in pastel colors, and let’s not forget those Vespas, you arrive in Minori. Now, Minori is a perfect little town with a cute picturesque beach, BUT this is not why you want to stop here.

While visiting Amalfi coast – stopping at Minori to grab the most perfect, juiciest piece of Delizia al Limone is a must! It costs a lot, but there’s a way to not pay it that much and enjoy it even more.

Osteria Belvedere al Vecchio Frantoio – Great Food in Matera

Even though you probably won’t have the best meal ever, you’ll be eating homemade Matera food in a hidden corner of one of the most amazing historic sites in the world. Osteria Belvedere is one of the favorite places of the locals. It is set in a rustically decorated sassi, with a stone courtyard surrounded with rustic houses.

It is very easy to feel like you’re living in a fairy-tale while exploring Italy – you just have to pick the right spot.

The Best Sandwich on Montmartre - Grenouilles Paris

Imagine sitting right across the baker while he’s making those crunchy baguettes. Now try to imagine the taste all of that melting cheese mixed with ham or prosciutto. 

Oh yeah – that’s the reason why we went all the way to the other part of the Paris (again) to have the most perfect breakfast at Grenouilles Paris, on our last day of Paris trip.