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Osteria Belvedere al Vecchio Frantoio – Great Food in Matera

After a “hard” day of exploring Sassi of Matera, you’ll just want to sit and relax with some traditional Basilicata food and local wine. 

But, since you’ll probably visit Matera for only one day, you better make sure to make a good choice.

Yes, there are numerous amazing restaurants, and they all have exquisite food (because the food in Matera is generally amazing). But if you’re not a fan of restaurants positioned in the very centre, and you don’t enjoy eating food surrounded by noisy tourists that include very loud guides and numerous backpacks – our suggestion is Osteria Belvedere al Vecchio Frantoio.

Where To Find Matera’s Food Gem?

This little gem is actually very well hidden, and most of the people stumble upon it by accident, including us!

Oh, but it’s so worth finding it.

After going down the road which skirts the ravine, and taking a turn to the right, you’ll chance upon an amazing atrium, surrounded with the osteria, some abandoned Sassi and what I believe is some kind of a (very instagramy) workshop. 

The restaurant itself is set in a very spacious vaulted Sassi rustically decorated. It is a family run business, and you can barely hear English there – which is kind of amazing! It’s practically tourist-free, which means you can actually enjoy your meal like you’re one of the locals.

Osteria Belvedere al Vecchio Frantoio Matera Restaurant

Traditional Matera/Basilicata Food

It is important to mention that this is a family-run business, and most of the ingredients used for cooking are produced by the owners. They even have their own wine which is really good!

You can get a Menu Turistico which is 20 euros per person. You’ll get three local, very traditional meals. They probably change it on daily basis, so I’m just gonna tell you about the ones we had.

Wine & The Famous Matera Bread

During your one day visit to Matera, you really shouldn’t miss out on the famous Matera bread. It has a lightly sour taste and it is incredibly moist. But when you mix it with the homemade wine you’ll go into another gastronomic dimension. 

Osteria Belvedere Al Vecchio Frantoio Menu – The Starter

This exquisitely light and delicious starter is just the thing you need to open up your appetite. It’s also the best way to try not only the characteristic type of Matera food but dishes that are traditionally made in the whole of Southern Italy: 

  • Local salame 
  • White cheese treccia (similar to mozzarella, but thicker and more compact) 
  • Grilled melenzane a funghetto (eggplant sautéed in olive oil until they’re very soft, golden brown and look like little mushrooms)
  • Gateau di patate (a savoury cake made of potatoes)
Osteria belvedere al vecchio frantoio starter with eggplant, potato cake, local cheese and salami

Osteria Belvedere Al Vecchio Frantoio Menu – The First Dish

This type of baked pasta is very typical for Southern Italy. The amazing mixture of homemade products and melted cheese is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something to bring back your energy level after a long day of exploring.

Baked pasta in a rustic plate with melted mozzarella on a table. On the right side of the image there is a color pallet with orange and brown shades

Osteria Belvedere Al Vecchio Frantoio Menu – The Second Dish

Basically, this is stewed lamb with baked potatoes. You’ll definitely need some more wine to finish it off without having a heart attack from so much food.

Even though you probably won’t have the best meal ever, you’ll be eating homemade Matera food in a hidden corner of one of the most amazing historic sites in the world, surrounded by locals, in a rustically decorated Sassi or its amazing courtyard, living the dream of many.

It is very easy to feel like you’re living in a fairy-tale while exploring Italy – you just have to pick the right spot.

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