The Best Sandwich in Paris – Grenouilles, Montmartre
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The Best Sandwich in Paris – Grenouilles, Montmartre

There are a lot of things that come to mind when you think about Paris:

And I found just the place where not only will you get a fresh baguette, but it will be filled with prosciutto of your choice and hot, melted cheese.

Safely nested on the top of the Montmartre, Grenouilles Paris offers probably the best sandwich in Paris!

Where to Find the Best Sandwich in Paris

The first time we visited Montmartre we saw this cute little place “Grenouilles Paris” just around the corner from Sacre Coeur.

My partner in food-crime (Il Re delle Sagre) was craving a crepe, I had a cup of hot wine like a lady and then – we saw it.

A big piece of cheese constantly melting under the hot iron-looking thing. The chef took a very generous amount of it with a spatula and slapped it into a freshly made baguette.

The best sandwich in Paris is located on the very top of Montmartre in the bakery Grenouilles. Picture shows melted cheese, fresh prosciutto and baked baguettes, as well as a color pallet of dominant colors.

We just stood there, drooling, with a crepe, hot wine and tummies full of lunch we’ve had shortly before.

The Grenouilles Paris Sandwich

The last day of our Paris trip came and we went to grab breakfast on Montmartre.

Needless to say – we did not take just two of these sandwiches. We had to taste various combinations of melted cheese with ham, prosciutto, salami. It’s science!

We sat at this little “bar table” at the back of the bakery. This allowed us to follow the entire process of making baguettes, which was absolutely amazing!

So, if you can, try to find a spot at the very back of the “restaurant”. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a symbolic extra-few euros to sit inside. Needless to say that witnessing how baguette-that-you’re-just-about-to-eat is made is worth every cent!

Golden, freshly baked baguettes filled from the bottom to the top with amazing cheese melted right in front of you. And as if that wasn’t enough – you can pick anything from salami and ham to prosciutto (if my memory serves me right) to enrich the flavour.

I don’t remember if we talked about anything. I think we just tried to make every bite last as long as possible, so we could postpone the fact that tomorrow morning we were going to say goodbye again to each other. But, the food makes everything a bit less sad, right?

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