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Long Distance Relationships and Normal Couple Coronavirus Tips

Everybody who’s in a long distance relationship is probably having a pretty rough time, but so is every other couple in the world! The fact I’m in a long distance relationship only makes me better prepared for this situation. I think every LDR couple must help others in this time of love crisis. I’m not talking about those who live with their other significant ones. If that’s the case, you need a different set of tips or therapy guide.
Here is a list of fun activities you could do with your bae over any video call app (WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger). Be sure to read the last suggestion, as that one is the most important.

1. Dance lessons and coronavirus

I was scrolling down the explore feed on Instagram and I saw a lot of these beautiful couples dancing on their balconies (I don’t know if it’s just a new coronavirus TikTok trend, or if it’s one of those challenges that keep popping up), and I’m always like Awww amo if we were together we would be doing it as well. But why wouldn’t we do it anyway?
I should mention that my boyfriend is a dancer, but even if you’re not a dancing couple, there are tons of tutorials you could follow together. All you need is one of those video-calling apps that have a share screen option and you’re ready to enjoy some quality time together! Make some margaritas, gin tonic or whatever is your alcoholic guilty pleasure and get ready to laugh. A lot.

2. Exercise at home together

There are hundreds of amazing exercise apps. So, instead of reading numerous astrology predictions for April 2020 (ok, I still do it) why not put a new activity on the list? Find an app you both like and motivate each other. Trust me – it’s so much more fun when you do it as a couple and make fun of each other. I think this will be the first time in my life that I’ll have something that remotely resembles abs, but not from the crunches – from laughing.
In case you’re wondering which exercise app we’re using, it’s 30 days challenge. It has diverse programs (we’re doing the Easy 1 obviously) for all groups of muscles, plus you get to cross lockdown days in a very healthy way. Also – it’s a perfect time to start working on your beach Instagram/TikTok body.

3. Netflix Binge-watching

The reason why I’m writing this blog now is the fact that I’m killing time until my love wakes up so we could start binge-watching La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) season 4 on Netflix which just premiered (April 3rd). See my preparations in the video, and if you’re watching the series, do let me know in the comments what you think about it.

But you don’t have to watch the same TV show (though it does add a special vibe), as long as you are both in a bed with a video-call going on you can pretend your love is right next to you. Obviously, the same goes for movies.
Try making guacamole together, some nachos, and enjoy a great movie night! You don’t have to be physically present to enjoy a movie together.

4. Read books together or learn something new

If your loved one comes from a different country this is the time to perfect a new language! Some time ago my boyfriend bought me a book by Elena Ferrante “L’Amore molesto” in Italian, and now, finally, we started reading it together! Well, I’m reading it out loud and he’s correcting me, translating, etc. This is an amazing activity that benefits both of us!L'Amore Molesto - a book by Elena FerranteIn return, I am teaching him everything I know about design, Social Media Marketing, and algorithms. Any video call app which has a share screen option will do a perfectly good job.

5. Do chores together

Being in a long distance relationship taught me that you can do almost everything together. You can take a walk, go to a cinema, cook together, and yes – do chores. So basically, last Sunday we just did a normal video call, we positioned phones in optimal places and did our things – parents included! I ironed, he cooked, we talked a bit just like we would if we were in the same house.
If you’re fond of couple cooking (we most certainly are, as my boyfriend is Il Re delle Sagre, and my astrological sign is Taurus) it’s good if you prepare the same dish and dine together. You can even dress up and pretend you’re on a date! In case you’re a lover of Italian cuisine, you can check out some simple recipes here.


6. Invest in yourself

This is the most important tip on keeping your relationship healthy, especially in these trying times. Don’t let yourself be bored for a second, as that is the perfect base for devil’s playground. Before you know it, one innocent thought will cause a snowball effect which will lead to an unhealthy argument: „Agh, this quarantine is killing me! When will we see each other with all these travel restrictions?! What if his lockdown ends and mine extends, and everybody starts going out after two months of isolation?!“ Well, you see where I’m going with this.

The level of security you normally feel tends to drop after a while, especially if you’re a jealous type. Everybody is jealous, the only difference is how well you control yourself. If you’re a Scorpio (Sun, Asc, Moon) there’s no help. Sorry!
This is why now more than ever it’s important to invest in yourself and your happiness. 

You cannot ask another person to make you happy. It’s ridiculous! If somebody loves you dearly he or she will do their best not to hurt you, but this does not mean it’s their responsibility to make you always happy. That one is on you!

You are your own key to happiness

These are just some of the things you could do together, but this is not a 24/7 solution. There are a lot of hours when both of you will be alone, and that’s the time when you’ll help each other the most – by staying sane, by investing in yourself and thus your future as a couple. Stay strong, stay safe, and „abuse“ those video calling apps as much as possible!

Also – write to me in the comments about what fun activities you’ve come up with. We’re about to start a new project on TikTok, but I’ll let you know when it happens!



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