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Amalfi Coast Fish Cone – Eating On The Amalfi Coast Without Spending a Fortune

So you finally booked your dream trip to the famous Amalfi Coast. You read the ultimate guide to Costiera Amalfitana, where to stay, what towns to visit. You even informed yourself of Delizia al Limone at Pasticeria Sal de Riso. Oh yes, and let’s not forget romantic dinners in the restaurants with breathtaking views of Positano.

But – what will you eat on regular days? Where do you eat out on the Amalfi Coast without spending a fortune?

Don’t worry – I got your back.

Not only will you save tons of money and get your tummies happy and satisfied, but you’ll also cross one type of Italian street food from your gastronomic bucket list.

Yes, I’m talking about first-class fried seafood. But before we get to the famous Amalfi Coast fish cone, let’s talk a little bit about Campania’s famous dishes.

Campania Street Food

Campania is famous for blasphemously good fried food and some other delights as well.

This Southern Italian region is the birthplace of mozzarella (Battipaglia), pizza (Naples),parmigiana, delizia al limone (Costiera Amalfitana and Costiera Sorrentina), limoncello (lemon liquor) to name a few.

And while you’ll save the fried pizza (pizza fritta) for your visit to Naples, I would urge you to explore the world of seafood right here on the Amalfi Coast.

Different Types of Seafood Dishes

Sorry to burst your bubble like this, but you can’t go eating fried fish every day. You gotta keep that cholesterol in check, honey.

So, let me just introduce you to some of the first courses (primi piatti) and starters (antipasti) loved and adored by Italians (and myself):

Spaghetti with mussels and clams (Spaghetti cozze e vongole)

Spaghetti with mussels and

This is one of the simplest yet best dishes out there! And you can’t go wrong with it.

It includes mussels and clams (as the name straightforwardly suggests), red datterini (small, sweet tomatoes), a bit of white wine, garlic, chilli pepper, parsley and extra virgin olive oil.

Sounds very simple, right?

But what you get is an absolute delight for all senses! It is just enough spicy and perfectly fresh.

My advice is to clean the mussels and clams right away so you can enjoy the pasta calmly.

Marinated anchovy (Alici marinate)

I’m not a huge fan of raw seafood, but I had to put that aside and try this one.

This is a typical dish of Campania. It used to be a dish of the poor since it was available to everyone, and it was a great way to preserve fish.

Even though it’s yet another simple dish – it is very rich in flavour (as all Italian dishes are).

Anchovy is cleaned of spine and head and left to marinate in vinegar and/or lemon juice for several hours. This is why they are so white once served! The dish is served together with some herbs like garlic, parsley and chilli pepper, and covered with extra virgin olive oil.

In some restaurants, you can find bruschetta with anchovies. And I honestly prefer to eat them this way, but don’t let my personal opinion get in the way of exploring!

Risotto with Shrimp Cream (Risotto Alla Crema di Gamberi)

Shrimp cream risotto is an amazing Italian seafood dish you do not want to miss out on.

Honestly – I’m not really sure precisely HOW they make it, but I’m 100% sure that it’s one of the most delicious things I ever had!

As all primi piatti – it’s very simple, but oh so delicate.

I don’t know if there are any secret ingredients, but it’s basically rice with cream of shrimps, and a bit of parsley.

The Amalfi Coast Fish Cone

You know, ice cream (gelato) is not the only thing that goes into a cone.

Though you should definitely try lemon and pistachio flavoured one. All of them are amazing – but these two are *chef’s kiss*.

I had my cone in Amalfi town, and it is my absolute recommendation that you put Pescheria C.I.C.A. on your itinerary. It’s just before the famous Donkey fountain.

Amalfi seafood cone made of fried seafood like shrimp, anchovy, polyp, fried small fish, and Amalfi lemon on the top.

I have to say the seafood cone was one of the best experiences I had at the Amalfi Coast. If there is two of you, I would advise you to start with one.

Just ask for a big mix, and they’ll put everything inside – including a piece of freshly cut Amalfi lemon.

I’m not sure if the mix is always the same, but when I had it there was a lot of fried small fish, shrimp, anchovy, fritters with algae and some undetectable seafood, as well as bits of polyp.

There are a few places in Amalfi town where you can grab your own fish cone, but whenever we go to Amalfi, we go to Pescheria C.I.C.A. They have a big variety of fresh seafood, they are very fast, and the most important thing – the level of deliciousness is always very high!

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