All Around Content Strategy Course

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What does this content strategy course cover?

  • Terminology necessary to communicate with your team, influencers, publications, audience.
  • In-depth explanation of all segments of how I write content strategy: trend and competition research, core and strategic objectives, strategic framework, tactics, expectations per channels, metrics.
  • In-depth explanation of my content audit framework IOAO: content inventory, content objectives, content audit, content optimization.
  • List of paid and free tools with quick tutorials on how to use them.
  • Basic SEO tactics and techniques.

Who is this course for?

  • Everyone who’s starting their online business from 0.
  • Solopreneurs who feel like they are wasting too much time on producing content, but not getting a positive ROI.
  • Content strategy and content marketing newbies.
  • Marketing managers who have trouble communicating with their content team.
  • SEO experts who want to take on the new role of content strategist. 

Are there any bonuses?

  • You’ll get a certificate after successfully completing the final exam.
  • A 70% discount for a set of 5 one-on-one calls with me upon completing the course.
  • Access to Facebook group where we can discuss everything that troubles you, participate in challenges and tasks that will help you put in practice your newly gained skills.
  • Free templates.

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I am an art historian turned content strategist who spends days exploring what makes people tick on all channels of communication. I love making sense of data, exploring new AI tools and crafting compelling content that raises brand authority. This doesn’t really come as a surprise considering my background – Interwar propaganda art that earned her two MA degrees and articles in international scientific journals.

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